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A human. A heart break. A hunt for a haunted mind. When a demi-god faces the challenges between love and loss, she makes an ultimate sacrifice by stripping the memory of her existence from the man she loves. That is until the fate of humanity stands at a precipice, and their paths are intertwined once more. With the echoes of their past looming, can they find a way back to each other or will they be lost to the choices they made?

  • Hunterlore

    Supernatural beings step into the limelight, compelling a seasoned monster hunter to face a shocking adversary: his own transformed mother leading a deadly pack. Meanwhile, a young woman wrestles with her newfound abilities and unresolved emotions. Together, they're ensnared in a perilous game where the stakes are humanity's very survival.

  • The Offensive Line

    In a town divided, a football player from the rough side fights for his family's survival. He crosses paths with a fierce female, uprooted from gritty city life to the town's opulent enclave. Their shared struggles ignite undeniable chemistry. Yet, as two souls marked by life's cruelties converge, the question looms: can they find refuge together, or will their dark pasts fracture their bond?

  • The Reprisal

    In a desolate future, Earth's solitude is shattered, merging two distinct worlds into a volatile mix. As humanity edges toward oblivion, a brave few mount a stand against the invaders. Amidst staggering challenges, a flicker of defiance rises, questioning if peace between the species is but a dream or can they come together to defeat a worse enemy...extinction.


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