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Sideliners eBook

Sideliners eBook

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Two types of folks live in Pottsville, Texas. Those who have two jobs and those who have two houses. But no matter their address, Friday night football brings every soul in town together under the same stadium lights. Problem is, the have-nots always watch from the sidelines. Until now …

Four years ago, Reed Maddox made a deathbed promise to his mother before the cancer claimed her life: Take care of their family. To make good on his vow, Reed has agreed to a pact forcing him to abandon his dream of playing football—his one guaranteed ticket out of the trailer park. But when he throws a reckless pass from the sidelines, everything he’s tried to protect is threatened including his guarded heart.

To regain her title as cheer captain and unofficial crown as princess of Pottsville, knock-out Savannah Kensington is about to brush elbows with Reed Maddox and his hooligan friends. But Little Miss Perfect’s world has been upside down longer than anyone who’s seen her winning smile would realize. Still scarred by the death of her baby sister, she hides her feelings under the pretense of popularity. When the opportunity to reclaim her senior year involves a secret deal to help Reed, Savannah accepts.

When their two pacts collide, revealing Reed’s football talent and upending everything Savannah knows about her personal kingdom, Pottsville High implodes. The have-nots are invading, the painted white lines are blurring, and Savannah and Reed are locked together in the middle of a battle between circumstance and privilege. Can their new alliance unite the stands or will the ingrained hatred of a town divided tear apart their chance at happily ever after?

**This is a sports romance standalone book with a HEA set in the Friday Night Gridiron Series world.


"Sideliner’s was a stunning and emotional read that absolutely consumed me from the first page to the last. Reed and Savannah’s story had all the feels. Their story was perfection!! I found myself unable to put this book down and I was so in love with Sav and Reed!"

- Amazon reviewer

"Absolutely amazing. A Romeo-and-Juliet love story, enemies-to-lovers, small-town romance, that I couldn’t put down."

- Goodreads reviewer

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